#/ I can feel the time runnin

7. dubna 2016 v 21:36 | vOrel |  Básnící střevo
I can feel the time runnin
I can feel it on my skin
How it burns a hole in my arms
In my legs, in my cheeks
How long can a woman last?
A year or three?
Twenty or thirty?
Forty... but just a maybe
I am struggling with myself
Because loneliness too deep
Eating my soul and that little room
Where I am forced to live
I am asking myself - and what will be next?
Little flat with dogs and cats.
Somewhere on the suburb, somewhere above the ground
Somewhere lost, with a girl who didn´t find
You don´t know that feeling
You may won´t ever will
But remember those tears of mine
For sure, they can speak
I feel the time runnin
And it scares me as hell
In my life there is nothing worse

Than living... just ... with myself

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